No on 8, Equality for All Launches At-Home Phone Banking!

Two things are going to secure the right to marry for gay and
lesbian couples in California: donating money and calling voters.

No on 8,
Equality for All
, the California campaign to defeat Prop 8, 
has launched an at-home calling option for folks who can’t make it
to an organized phone bank. You do not have to live in California
to call California voters. There’s online training, including
videos, and materials to take you through the process
step-by-step.Click here to learn about at-home phone banking

Opponents of equality are organizing their supporters nationally to
pass Prop 8, the CA marriage ban. Mormons for 8 estimate
that at least 35% of Yes on 8’s funding has come from
That’s one faith group spread across
the country working hard and digging deep to strip rights away from
gay and lesbian couples and their families.

Support for Prop 8 is gaining in the polls and its funders keep
writing checks, outpacing us 3-2.

Marriage in California is about much more than couples getting
married; it’s about fairness and equality for all Californians.
It’s about drawing a line in the sand that says we will not take
these attacks on our families anymore–not in California, not

Do what you can today, tomorrow, the next day and every day until
Election Day to defeat Prop 8 and show the world the power our
families possess.

There’s only one thing certain about this election: Every
minute matters.
Do your part to move our families forward.