Hello? Is this California? Hey, it’s Boston Calling!

For the past three weeks, Family Equality Council staff have been
on the phones to secure marriage in CA, calling from our Boston and
St. Paul offices. We’re conducting a series of phone banks between
now and Election Day to ensure our families rights.

All staff were on deck for our final Tuesday push in the Boston
Office. From now on we will conduct Saturday phone banks from
1:00-4:00pm. For more information, contact Heidi Ward at heidi.ward@familyequality.org.

Our teammates in St. Paul will continue to conduct phone banks
Tuesday nights from 7:00-10:00pm. For more information, contact
Stephanie Hazen at stephanie.hazen@familyequality.org.

So far our efforts in California, Boston and St. Paul have

  • Thousands of calls to California voters, parents and potential
  • Hundreds of conversations
  • +$35,000 in donations raised!

To find out more about our work getting families engaged in the
campaign to defeat Prop 8, No on 8, Equality for All, check out our
Get Engaged: Vote No on 8 website and stay tuned for
more updates!Click the button to give directly to the No on 8,
Equality for All campaign today. The campaign needs all the
resources it can get to keep its TV ads on the air and its message
of fairness for all spreading far and wide!