Family Equality Council Representing Families at Creating Change

The Family Equality Council is proud to announce its partnership
with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Academy for
Leadership in Action at this year’s National
Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change
. This year’s
conference is taking place in the “mile high” city, Denver,
Colorado, from January 28th through February 1st 2009. We cordially
invite you to join us at the conference to be a part of this
incredibly exciting skill building and learning opportunity.

Creating Change is 21 years old this year, and it is still the
largest and most diverse gathering of the LGBT movement. The Family
Equality Council is excited about bringing its training expertise,
along with its most seasoned trainers, to the Academy for
Leadership and Action. The Family Equality Council will contribute
to a series of more than thirty courses offered through the Academy
– all of which will provide an important opportunity to further
build the sustainability, leadership and skills of LGBT and allied
activists and organizations.

Becoming one of the organizational partners of the Academy for
Leadership and Action contributes significantly to Family Equality
Council’s work and to the movement because “We know that LGBT
people raising children are becoming an even larger portion of the
overall LGBT community each year,” says Jennifer Chrisler,
Executive Director of Family Equality Council. “LGBT families face
real challenges right now, challenges that we as a larger LGBT
community must meet, but LGBT families also have real power to
affect change in their own lives and communities. Parents are the
ultimate problem-solvers. There are strategies LGBT parents are
using today to meet their own household and family challenges that
can greatly inform the way we conduct our larger work for social
change. The Family Equality Council has been working with these
families for thirty years. We’re thrilled to bring family
leadership and expertise to the skills building and strategy
sharing work of the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating

Please join us for this dynamic and visionary gathering of leaders
and activists in Denver. Together we can continue to increase the
vibrancy of the LGBT and allied movements by sharing our skills,
knowledge and collective passion for social justice. You really
don’t want to miss this!

To learn more about Creating Change and the Academy and to register
for this year’s exciting conference: go to and

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