Absentee Voting Starts in CA — Do Your Part to Maintain Marriage Today!

Envelopes stuffed with California ballots are finding their way to
California homes today, meaning that our efforts to defeat Prop 8,
the CA marriage ban, matter not just on Election Day, but on every
single day until then, too!

Many voters choose to vote absentee. These voters’ feelings on Prop
8 might change between now and Election Day if you speak to them
one-on-one, but that won’t matter if they send in their ballots
this week.

If you haven’t started participating in the No on 8, Equality for
All campaign yet, thinking you’ve still got time, now is
the time to get engaged in this historic fight.

California may be the second state to grant same-sex couples the
right to marry, but it is the first state to come
this close to having those rights taken away. Having our
rights stripped away in California will send ripple effects
throughout the country, encouraging people who target our families
to scale up their attacks in other states. That’s why Family
Equality Council is encouraging our supporters nationwide to get
engaged in this effort. The right to marry in California affects us

For family-friendly ways to get involved, check out Family Equality
Council’s family-focused contribution to the No on 8, Equality for
all campaign, Get Engaged: Vote No on 8.

To give time and/or money directly to No on 8, Equality for All so
they can secure our rights on the phones and on the airwaves, visit
the No on 8,
Equality for All
site now.