New Tool Added to Fight Prop 8!

Some days technology irks me to no end. Today is not one of those

Stay up to date on efforts to defeat Prop 8, the CA marriage ban,
by sharing our new updates widget on your
Facebook, Myspace, etc. You can locate the widget on the sidebar of
our blog, following “Featured Articles” — just scroll down to find
it. If you click the “share” button in the bottom right corner, you
can add the widget to your favorite sites and let folks know about
what’s going on in CA, as well as opportunities to Get Engaged
RIGHT NOW in the fight to defeat Prop 8!

In other news, yesterday we asked supporters in CA and nationwide
to contribute directly to the No on 8, Equality for All campaign
and YOU DID! Big time! To the tune of almost

But No on 8, Equality for All still needs more. The opponents of
marriage equality are out-fundraising our side — raising a quarter
of a million dollars ($250,000!) a day. If you haven’t contributed
yet, please do. Family Equality
Council has a launch goal of $10,000 from our supporters to the No
on 8, Equality for All campaign.

Anything counts. Last night, we asked our
supporters on the phone to start with a symbolic gift of $173 — a
dollar for each day between winning the right to marry in CA and
Election Day. Make your important
gift to No on 8, Equality for All now!

And share the widget! We’ll add features over time so you have the
most up-to-date information on Get Engaged: Vote No on 8’s
family-friendly opportunities to hook into the No on 8, Equality
for All campaign!