Another Straight Republican in Support of Gay Marriage

Today’s guest post comes by way of Jennifer, the blogger from
Kids of

Actually I don’t know who the other one is but I am sure there
are some out there. I support gay marriage for many reasons which
can all really be summed up by one word. Duh!

I don’t understand why everyone isn’t for gay marriage. The
argument that it erodes the institution of marriage is laughable.
Straights have done a fine job of making a mockery of marriage.
Gays, lesbians and transgender people couldn’t do it any more
harm. Hell, I have two under my belt already and I’m not finished

I love the argument that it creates the slippery slope that will
eventually lead people to marry their cocker spaniel or their
prized milking cow. Yeah, I really want to marry my family pet. If
he could contribute something to the marriage besides nose prints
on the windows and hiding his chewy bone in the couch I might, just
might consider it. But he has yet to bring home a paycheck and he
can’t even pick up after himself in the backyard. I have two ex
husbands just like that, I don’t need another.

Seriously, I am for marriage between two men or two women because I
am the child of a straight woman and a gay man. I have seen
firsthand how challenging a mixed orientation marriage can be and I
don’t recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad my
parents did get married and decided to have two wonderful children,
if my father hadn’t felt pressured to act straight I wouldn’t
be here. The thing is it was an act. He was gay and he wasted a lot
of energy and time pretending he was something he wasn’t.  And
the marriage hurt my mother considerably.

I am for marriage between two men or two women because to not be
for it is discriminatory. Why should two men or women who love each
other, who want to take care of one another and raise children
together, be denied that right?