Team Equality Spotlight: 1 on 1 with Jennifer Chrisler.

What is your role at Family Equality

I am the Executive Director at Family Equality Council.  I’ve
been with the organization for almost four years and have been
amazed at the passion and commitment of the families we serve. 
They are the key to making this world a better place for all

Why is family equality important to

Well, first I’m the lesbian parent to twin 6 year old boys and
every day I witness both the joy and love of our family and the
barriers and challenges we face because we are two moms raising
boys.  I’m also reminded every day that families in this country
are struggling to make ends meet, to access quality educations for
their children, that they are worried about having health care. 
Family is such a unifying force and a universal principal that I
believe organizing around this issue could fundamentally shift the
way that we approach a broad range of public policies.

What one piece of advice would you give to other LGBT

Focus on having a strong family and gaining the tools and skills
you need to keep your relationships strong, to raise healthy, happy
and strong children and then take your family and share it honestly
with the rest of the world.  By opening the doors to our homes,
both literally and figuratively, we are going to reshape the way
the world thinks about families for the better.

Of which one accomplishment in the last 12 months are
you most proud? 

Getting the Democratic nominee for President, Senator Barak Obama,
to answer and state clearly his support for LGBT headed
.  It was an incredible victory.

What excites you the most about the next 12 months at
Family Equality Council?

We have just approved and launched a new five year strategic plan
that is going to provide so many important services, resources and
tools to our families – I can’t wait to see what we accomplish
together as we work on achieving the goals and objectives that all
of our members helped create.