The NEW Family Equality Council Blog!

It’s been nearly 2 years (and 760 posts) since we launched The
Family Equality Council Blog back in 2006. Since then, 126,000
people from around the world – yourself included – have visited our
blog. 1,000 comments have been made and countless ideas and
viewpoints exchanged. Our blog has grown to include dozens of guest
bloggers and 10 official contributors from outside our

Though a lot has changed over the years, our three reasons for
sharing and expanding this blog have not. First, it is a means of
communication to connect us with you, and you with each other.
Second, our blog aims to keep you informed about the life of Family
Equality Council – what we’re doing, where we’re going and how
we’re making change across this country. Third, this blog enables
us to share our reactions to current events and the movement at

We thank you for joining us on this exciting journey in this
exciting movement. And we hope you enjoy the new look of our blog.