Gun range shoots down gay families.

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article in the Dallas Voice
about gay families (and, for that matter, any other non-Mom/Dad
families such as single parents, grandparents raising
grandchildren, etc) being discriminated against at a Dallas, Texas
Gun Range. It’s reminder of the many smaller ways in which our
families are marginalized and the importance of fighting the good
fight. The article, written by Daniel A. Kusner, states:

In Texas, guns are a part of our culture just as much as football,
cowboy hats and two-stepping. In fact, Gov. Rick Perry recently
said he supported the Harrold Independent School District’s
decision to let teachers pack heat during classes.

Gay gun groups are nothing new — even San Francisco has a “pink
pistols” club. And according to an employee at the DFW Gun Range
& Training Center, the Pink Pistol Club of Central Texas (San
Antonio and Austin) recently visited the facilities.

A trip to the range isn’t terribly expensive: If y’all wanted
to go on a date, each non-member would pay $16.99 for a range fee
and $7.99 for a handgun rental (then you’d have to shop for

There are also annual memberships: individuals ($165) and family

Family memberships are defined as “mom/dad and any children under
21 living at home.” DFW Gun Range recently voted on whether to
include same-sex partners — living at the same address — in
their definition of family memberships.

Manager Joe Elledge told Dallas Voice that the gun range discussed
the matter and decided against including gay partners in the family
memberships. No explanation was given as to how they reached that