Team Equality Spotlight: Ember Cook

In an effort to share our talented and passionate staff with
all of you, today we’re thrilled to bring the first of many staff
interviews! Today, we interview Ember Cook, one of the newest
members of our team. 

What is your role at Family Equality

I am a Program & Education Associate and one of my primary
focuses is the children’s programming for our families as well as
working on all of our educational programs. For next few month’s I
will be Family Equality Council’s on the ground organizer for the
No On 8 Campaign in California and will be working to make sure
that families get engaged in this important fight.

Why is family equality important to

My father came out when I was in 5th grade. It totally changed
everything for our family. I grew up experiencing in-equality and
as an adult am committed to doing the work to change that,
especially for kids in our families. Everyday I see that the things
we do have a great impact on how our families live in this world
and believe with every step we are getting closer to the day when
all families can live with dignity and respect and celebrate the
greatness that they are.

What’s the best part of your job?

The kids. Well anything that helps kids get to celebrate their
families. At a multicultural bbq at Family Week we created a slip n
slide in the back yard for the kids to play on. It seems simple but
it is in those small moments that a community is built and that
those kids get to see how big, special, and fun their community is.
Those are the moments that last a lifetime. Those were the moments
that had the biggest impact on me as a child.

What’s your favorite children’s

My new favorite is one we just did at Family Week. It’s called
Family Constellations. For this activity the kids and their parents
created their family constellation with each star representing a
member of the family. Then they put their constellation up on a
very large piece of butcher paper with everyone else’s. We then got
to see how awesome and bright our sky is because its made up of all
of our different families.

What advice would you give to children with one more
LGBT parents?

YOU ROCK! You are such an important and special part of this
community and don’t ever forget it. Don’t forget it at school, at
the grocery store, not at soccer practice or anywhere – you and
your family are amazing and important. And if/when the world wants
you to think otherwise know that the whole LGBT family community
has got your back, ESPECIALLY Family Equality Council and your
friend, and fellow kid with a gay parent, Ember.