openly gay Jared Polis wins Colorado congressional primary!

This morning, I awoke to some interesting news out of Colorado.
Openly gay democratic candidate Jared Polis has won the primary in
Colorado’s 2nd district for the U.S. House. What’s the significance
of Polis’ victory? According to Pam’s House Blend:

Polis is almost a lock to be the first openly gay man
elected to Congress as a non-incumbent.

This has national implications — Colorado is considered a swing
state in November, and can be held up as a sign that progressive
change is in the wind. Take every opportunity to remind people that
the state is the home base of Focus on the Family (its in Colorado
Springs) and spin this as yet another indication that Daddy D and
his ilk are on the decline. The Homosexual Agenda is creeping into
his back yard.

Polis has stated: “Sexual orientation shouldn’t be a barrier to
participation in the public sphere.” We couldn’t agree more. While
you may not be running for a Congressional seat anytime
soon, Family Equality Council urges LGBT parents to get involved,
be it in school boards or PTOs. When our families are made visible,
myths are debunked and allies are made. To get started, enroll in
our OUTSpoken
Families program

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