Question: What state has the greatest concentration of LGBT
people with children?

My guess would be California, with it’s relatively progressive
political scene and many family-friendly neighborhoods. And, I’d be

My second guess would be Massachusetts, a state that has enjoyed
marriage equality for a number of years. Wrong, again.

Texas? Nope.

The answer: Mississippi, according to a recent article in The Daily Mississippian.
Mississippi boosts an LGBT population of nearly 600,000. Of the
LGBT couples in Mississippi, 41% of them have children – making
Mississippi number one in the nation when it comes to percentage of
LGBT people with children.

Interestingly, according to the article, Mississippi also leads the
nation in the highest number of African-American same-sex

Despite it’s large LGBT family population, “Mississippi is one of the 27 states in the Union to have
amended its constitution to specifically exclude gay families from
legal acknowledgment and protections. Voters there approved an
anti-gay-family amendment in 2004…”

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