Make Your Small Change.

The thought of speaking in front of a large group of people causes
panic to rush through my body: my palms begin to sweat, my mouth
dries out, and a whole cluster of butterflies gather in my
stomach.  I know I’m not alone in this feeling; I’m sure many
of you reading this can sympathize with my shaking voice and
stumbling over the simplest words.  In a more perfect world,
we’d all be versed in public speaking, willing to speak to crowds
of thousands and hold an audience with local and national
politicians.  Even those of us with the strongest convictions and
moral compasses can waver under the pressure of public

However, being vocal and visible as LGBT families and as allies are
crucial components in the fight for equality.  Many people forget
the importance of small-scale education and outreach, but even the
simplest, smallest actions can help further the movement to
equality.  Discussions with parents in your child’s classroom or
with the teachers at the local elementary school can enact positive
change in your community.  These are the small victories that
larger-scale projects rest on, and without them the movement would
be stagnant.

So go ahead, use your voice as loudly or as softly as you’d
like.  Whether you attend an OUTSpoken training (we’ll be coming
to Richmond, Virginia, Chicago, Illinois, Birmingham, Alabama, and
Atlanta, Georgia before the year’s out! Click here to go to the registration page) or engage in
talks with friends and family, get your voice out there. Use your
knowledge, your story, and your experience; make your small change
to better the movement, your community, and the nation.