School’s Never Far Off..

All the telltale signs of summer are here: the sun is out (well,
not so much in Boston lately…), the temperature is rising, and
kids everywhere are rejoicing in their summertime freedom. Most
kids can blissfully forget about school for the next two months or
so, but for parents education can be a constantly pressing

Many children spend upwards of 6 or 7 hours a day in the hands of
other caretakers during the school year, and it is crucial that
these environments are supportive of all kinds of families. Luckily
for you, and all parents, guardians and allies working to make
change in schools, we’ve updated our Rainbow
Report Card
! Click here to visit the Rainbow Report Card and to take our
newly launched pre-school and kindergarten version of the report
This tool can help you assess the inclusivity of
your school as well as help generate solutions for improvement.

Another useful tool on our website is the Back To School Tool;
whether your child is starting school for the first time, switching
schools or simply meeting a new teacher, this brief overview can
give you some quick tips for facilitating communication and
understanding. Click here to visit our publications page to download this

As always, our publications page has tons of links full of useful
information; there’s even a subsection specifically geared towards
making schools inclusive!

But for now, enjoy the popsicles, pool parties, and picnics of