Starting at FEC and Some Reading Suggestions!

Hi everybody! My name is Kyle and I’m a Development Intern here at
Family Equality Council this summer. I just finished my sophomore
year at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York where I’m
majoring in anthropology. The reason I wanted to work for Family
Equality Council is simple: everyone has some kind of family. Some
families have two dads, others one mom, and yet others a mom and a
dad; some are made up of grandparents or siblings; some people are
adopted; there are stepparents and stepsiblings, and families
comprised of friends. Yet many of these permutations of families
are neither recognized nor protected, which is horrifying and
simply unjust. Thus the work that Family Equality Council is doing
is not only crucial, but unifies all people.With that said,
tomorrow is Father’s Day. Some families might have one or two dads,
or none at all, and that can sometimes be difficult for children to
process. Luckily here at Family Equality Council, in conjunction
with our Minnesota partner, Rainbow Families, we’ve created an
LGBTQ family friendly book list. Here are just some
recommendations, and be sure to check out the full list at:

  • Birth to Three years old:
    Bobbie Combs: 123 A Family Counting Book
    Teddy Jam: Night Cars
  • Four to Eight years old:
    Rosemarie Hausherr: Celebrating Families
    Munsch and McGraw: Love You Forever
  • Nine to Thirteen years old:
    Forman Brown: Generous Jefferson Jones
    Marilyn Kaye: Real Heroes