Mapping Equality.

Our Director of Public Policy, Kara Suffredini, Esq., is rounding
out her first month at Family Equality Council. We’ve hit the
ground running, and have partnered with several states to draft and
move anti-bullying legislation; we are working with others to
develop pro-parenting legislative strategies; we are identifying
federal policy priorities for a new administration; and have joined
with the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association and the National
Center for Lesbian Rights to take a leadership role in educating
our community about the implications of the amazing marriage
equality win in California.

We are also developing online resources tailored to the busy lives
of parents. Just last week we launched legal information and maps
detailing adoption, foster care, and custody/visitation rights for
LGBTQ parents across the nation. Click
here to download the maps
(under the Policy for Equality
In the coming weeks, we’ll expand this
information further. I hope these resources are useful to you and
your families. See something missing you’d like to know about?
Let us know! I look forward to making the world a better place for
your family and all loving families in the weeks, months and years
to come.