Today Is Blogging for LGBT Families Day 6/2/2008 12:01 am

Today is Blogging for LGBT Families Day! If you have a blog, please
post about LGBT families and send the link to
I’ll add your link to the master list at Mombian. Stop by and read the stories
of our community and allies.

Please also download
a banner
and promote the event on your site. The more people
who participate, the more impact our voices will have.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Do I need to be LGBT? No, just supportive.

Do I need to have kids? What about my cat? Define
“family” as you will.

What if I always write about my LGBT family?
Great! Just do what you normally do, and send me the link. Or write a
special post for the occasion if you want to, but don’t feel

What if I never write about LGBT issues? If you
want to say something in support of LGBT families, then this event
gives you an excuse. Feel free to tie it into your regular blog
theme, e.g., if you write about kids’ literature, write
about an LGBT-inclusive kids’ book.

What if I want to share a photo or video? That’s
fine. Post them on your blog or a photo or video sharing site. If
you use a sharing site, make sure to set them to be public. Then
send me the link.

What do I do if I don’t have a blog? If you don’t
have a blog, you may also leave a comment on the master Blogging
for LGBT Families Day post I will put up on June 2. If you only
post on Facebook or MySpace, you may add me, Dana Rudolph, as a
friend to notify me of a post there. (Here’s my Facebook
page and my MySpace
page. If you do a search for my name, though, make sure to look for
the event banner image, as there are multiple Dana Rudolphs.) If
you do have a regular blog, I much prefer that you post
there, since then your post will be readable even by those who
don’t have Facebook or MySpace accounts—and the whole point
here is to share our posts.

Thanks to the Family
Equality Council
for their sponsorship of this event.