Rooting for the Underdog

Hello! I hope this blog finds all of you happy and healthy. My name
is Emma, and I am ecstatic to be interning with the Family Equality
Council this summer. I just graduated from the University of
Connecticut, where I majored in English, with concentrations in
Women’s Studies and Anthropology.

So, why am I here? Well, the two most important things in my life
are family and equality. I’ve always known that my passions lie in
making changes, and fighting the good fight. My optimism and
enthusiasm could not be possible without the incredible unwavering
support of my family. I feel blessed, I feel lucky, and I feel
loved every day. What I love about the Family Equality Council, is
that they understand, and preference the ideas of family in a way
that also highlights equality. They work to stretch the parameters
of the family to celebrate diversity rather than condemn it. Love,
justice, family, equality, what could be better things to fight for
or represent? That being said, I also have always rooted for the

Now, my comparison to the underdog is not meant to conjure up
thoughts of the rag-tag football team, or the 80 pound wrestler
mixed up with the heavyweights. I only mean to highlight that LGBTQ
families don’t get the rights, the recognition, the protection, or
a whole long host of things that they rightly deserve. However,
sitting here typing away at one of the Family Equality Council’s
computers in their Boston office, the underdog is looking pretty
good. I work alongside intelligent, committed, passionate people
who make me so proud to be here, fighting the good fight, rooting
for the underdog, helping to build a community filled with social
justice, and the type of family love that has shaped my life. All
of you readers, be proud too!