The Queer Next Door

In my weekend blog reading, I came across this
insightful post
by blogger Christopher Aqurette of The post is being reproduced here for your reading

After the Supreme Court in California
ruled the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional
, homophobic
groups are demanding a state referendum in November. This echoes
what happened in many states after a similar ruling in
Massachusetts in 2004. However, things are rapidly changing in gay
America as same-sex couples no longer live in hiding. And this is
troubling news for homophobic conservatives, whose propaganda
demands a depraved “gay lifestyle”. With more gay families
living openly in conservative homeland, stigmatization becomes more

From an article in this week’s
The Economist

Across America same-sex couples are becoming more
ordinary. Their numbers are growing most rapidly outside
traditional magnets like California, New York and Vermont (see
map). One of the steepest increases has been in Utah, probably
America’s most conservative state. Indeed, of the 34 states with
above-average increases in the number of gay couples, 21 voted for
Mr Bush in 2004. This does not mean there has been a sudden
outbreak of homosexuality in conservative states; rather, it means
gay couples in such areas are swiftly becoming more open about
their relationships. That alters the politics of gay

I almost feel sorry for the conservative Christians. What will they
do when the queer aren’t that queer anymore?