We did it!

Dear Friend,

Together – we did it! Your participation in our May 16th challenge
made the difference—we secured the $10,000 matching gift!

I wanted to send you a personal note of gratitude for your
contribution and efforts—you made this challenge a success!
Families from all across the country contributed nearly $22,000
including the matching gift. The money raised through this
challenge will directly impact families like yours by funding our
initiatives including: youth programming, our schools work,
OUTSpoken, Project Harmony and more.

The purpose of this challenge was three-fold: to raise funds,
celebrate an important benchmark in our history and to harness the
power of numbers. Individually we are powerful, but together, we
are unstoppable.

And that is what makes Family Equality Council so special.  While
the work we do is critical, it is the magic that happens when
committed people rally together to make change that truly makes us

Continue to stay involved by bookmarking our blog, downloading our
publications, signing up for events and using our resources. And
keep your feedback coming—this is your organization and we shape
our work around what you need.

On behalf of our generous anonymous family, the Board of Directors,
staff, and all our supporters—thank you.

Warm Wishes,

Jennifer Chrisler