TODAY IS THE DAY! 5/16/2008 2:13 am

Dear Supporter,

Today is the day—you marked your calendars and tied a string
around your finger. An incredibly generous family issued you a
challenge: if 250 individuals contribute a donation (of any amount)
TODAY the family will donate $10,000 to securing equality for your
family. But, the donation must be made today and time is running
out. Click here
to donate now.

Why today? May 16th marks the eve of an important benchmark in our
fight for family equality. On May 17, 2004, the first state in our
union recognized marriage between same-sex couples. Today’s
challenge is in honor of that crucial victory! Let’s rally our
families and show our support for family equality. Let’s take a
stand. Let’s win this challenge and push our work forward by
a contribution now

After you contribute, forward this email to family, friends and
co-workers; let’s harness the power of our communities and create
the change this country so desperately needs.

Family Equality Council works as hard as you do for your family
everyday. Across the nation, we mobilize parents to tell their
family story—effecting change in all areas of your life: in your
home, in your school, in your community, in your government and in
our country. With your help we have trained 1,100 parents,
guardians and allies in 42 states to use the strength of their
stories and make their families visible. Collectively these stories
have reached more than 7 million homes and potential allies. As we
make our way through 2008 we are set to double those numbers! Keep
the momentum going by donating

In early 2008 we launched Project Harmony, a program dedicated to
engaging the voices of families of color within and outside Family
Equality Council. This ambitious program is well underway with
three listening tour stops already completed—this tour collects
stories, experiences, issues and concerns of LGBTQ-headed families
of color and mixed-race families as we move to create “The State
of LGBTQ Families of Color” and use the information to shape the
programs and policies of Family Equality Council and the LGBTQ

Recognizing the political climate of 2008 and the importance of
policy work in making change happen locally and nationally, we have
expanded our policy team! We recently hired a Public Policy
Director and we are leading the way in defeating anti-family
policies and promoting pro-family policies. Concretely, this means
we will be doing everything from working to pass more laws and
policies that make schools safe for your children, to protecting
your relationships, and mandating equal treatment in the workplace.
We will be facilitating even greater involvement of LGBTQ parents
in parent teacher associations and on school boards, guiding places
of worship in affirming LGBTQ families, and enhancing the cultural
competency of medical personnel and health care coverage providers
who serve LGBTQ families.

This work is only made possible with
your support
—involve your friends by forwarding this email so
that we can reach as many hearts and minds as possible.

Through our innovative programs and groundbreaking work we’ve
made many significant strides, but the months ahead will be
critical for our families. With ballot measures set to drop in a
number of key states and horrific anti-family legislation in the
works at the state level, the
time to act is now

By participating in this challenge and involving your friends, you
will help us secure the resources we need to protect your

One family chose this symbolic date to remind us that we can make
the world a better for your family and all loving families. Now we
need 250 more families to make the same symbolic choice. Click here
to donate.

As the mother of twin boys, I do this work to create a world in
which all children have their families affirmed and celebrated no
matter how they were created or where they live. Won’t you help
me by giving
to this important challenge

Many thanks,

Jennifer Chrisler
Executive Director
Family Equality Council