Celebrate Your Family With Us On May 16!

May 17th marks an important benchmark in our fight for family
equality. On that date in 2004 the first state in our union
recognized marriage between same-sex couples. In honor of that
crucial outcome we have exciting news and a challenge to

An incredibly generous supporter has issued you a
challenge: if 250 individuals contribute a donation (of any amount)
on May 16 they will donate $10,000 to securing equality for your
family. But remember, you only have 24 hours to rise to the
occasion starting at 12:01am on May 16!
Mark your
calendars or write yourself a reminder.

Make a donation yourself, encourage members of your family to
donate, send this email on to your friends and colleagues. Each
donation, big or small, will help us meet our goal and will
contribute to the important work Family Equality Council does on
behalf of your family and all loving families.

Why is our work so important? Just ask the 2nd grader in
Alabama who was expelled because she said she had two moms during a
class project on family units. Just ask the Virginia dad who almost
lost his children in a custody battle because he was
“cohabitating” with a man. Just ask the 3rd grader in Milton,
Massachusetts who was beat up by fellow classmates for talking
about her lesbian mom. Or, just ask your own family. Ask your
children or ask yourself: what is family equality worth to you?

So tie a string around your finger or do whatever it takes to
participate on May 16. We’ll see you then!