Papa John and ‘Ito Rodolfo Welcome Cameron Grant Selig to the World

Our grandson Cameron Grant Selig was born Saturday night at
10:27 PM (Atlantic Time) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mom and grandson
are both healthy. Cameron weighed in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. And was 20
inches long. What an amazing experience for us! Thanks to digital
video and digit camera and trusted Macs on both ends Nathaniel was
easily able to share the excitement with us via the Internet which
almost made up for the distance of nearly 2,500 miles separating

It is hard to put into words how I feel. It is different when
Nathaniel came into the world thirty years ago. Then I was
twenty-five and newly married to his mom. I had the awesome
responsibility of a new life thrust into my hands with no training
and experience in parenting other than the values that my parents
had instilled in my by their example. Fortunately I had wonderful
parents who were always there for me and understood the meaning of
unconditional love so unlike far too many people I had outstanding
role models. How was I going to deal with the many challenges of
parenthood? How would he turn out? How would I be as a parent? I am
sure that each of you has felt similar moments of panic from time
to time.

With Cameron’s arrival I have none of those fears. I know that
Nathaniel and Doris will be great parents and that Cameron will
receive excellent care and guidance. In fact, I am sure that I have
much more faith in Nathaniel and Doris than they do at this moment.
Sure, I have concerns about the world that Cameron will inherit
with all the problems of war and global warming and limited
resources. But mainly Rodolfo and I will get to enjoy spending time
with Cameron and spoiling him. That’s what being a grandparent is
all about.

I truly detest being so far away. Rodolfo and I will be faced
with seven hours of air travel in each direction when we visit
Nathaniel, Doris and Cameron. But we look forward to many such
trips in our future and we look forward to nurturing yet another
generation that embraces the world’s diversity rather than shuns