Bishop Gene Robinson will enter a civil union, ignites controversy

The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson is no stranger to the Family
Equality Council. In fact, he’s a fantastic supporter of our work
and was honored at our National Awards Dinner in October of

Bishop Robinson is best known for being the first openly gay,
noncelibate priest to be ordained in the historical episcopate.
He’s also a father.

Earlier this week, Bishop Robinson announced that he’ll be
entering a civil union with his partner of 20 years, Mark. On
behalf of Family Equality Council, congratulations to Bishop
Robinson and his family.

Bishop Robinson was asked about his civil union at a question and
answer session. Jokingly, he replied, “I always wanted to be a
June bride.” Within hours, the comment was taken out of context
and pushed through the conservative blogosphere. According to
Bishop Robinson, “What I should have said was something like
this: ‘Gay and lesbian people grow up with the same hopes that
other people do – that they’ll be able to celebrate their love for
one another with family and friends gathered around, pledging their
support for the faithful, monogamous, lifelong-intentioned, holy
vows they’ve just taken. I, too, have always longed for such a

Of course, that doesn’t make for a sensational sound bite.

To read Bishop Robinson’s full op-ed, click