And the winner is…

A clear winner emerged from the Family Drawing Contest:
LGBTQ-headed families.

Not to steal any thunder from our 1st place winner Julian from New
Mexico, but the Second Annual Family Drawing Contest put family
equality in the spotlight for many non-LGBTQ families over the last
few weeks. As the contest wrapped up, we even received some
mainstream publicity. LGBTQ-headed families were made visible to
thousands upon thousands of people across the country. And that is
a huge victory!

Now that the dust has settled and the votes have been counted (and
recounted!), the Family Equality Council team would like to extend
a warm congratulations to the winners (Julian from NM, Judah from
GA, Logan from TX, Parker from IL, Ben from RI, and Nova from
California) and to all the families involved. Click here to see the winning

We have created a free, downloadable eBook of the 50+ drawings
submitted in the contest. It’s complete with a foreword by
award-winning author Todd Parr and by our own Executive Director,
Jennifer Chrisler. Download Homework, Hugs and Love: A Family
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and share its message far and wide.