VOTE in the Family Drawing Contest: Finalists Announced!

Here’s one vote that promises not to be divisive: the Family
Drawing Contest. It’s being called Decision’08 and it’s time to
cast your ballot!

After combing through countless entries, our panel of judges has
selected ten
. These finalists are vying for fabulous prizes
(including a $250 savings bond!) and the honor of being crowned the
winner of this delightful competition.

This year, applicants were asked to draw a picture of their family
and write a sentence or two about their favorite family activity. 
Judah, age 4, from Georgia, likes to “hug” with his family.
Meanwhile, 3 1/2 year old Parker from Illinois like to dress up
like a princess and grow pumpkins – despite the fact that her
family doesn’t have a garden.

Check out the beautiful drawings and cast your vote by clicking

And, take your participation a step further and increase the
visibility of LGBTQ families by circulating an email to family,
friends and coworkers.