Arkansas group needs money to continue assault on lesbian and gay parenting

The homophobic Family Council Action
recently sent an urgent plea to its conservative
supporters – after the group’s president realized his effort is
being defeated in fundraising.

Northwest Arkansas news source reports that the group
fighting for gay and lesbian parenting rights in Arkansas –
Families First
– has raised more money in the past month
of operation than the FCAC has since July.

Arkansas Families First was formed to defeat the Arkansas Adoption and
Foster Care Act
proposed by Little Rock’s bigoted FCAC. explains that FCAC’s proposal would:

…prohibit unmarried people who live with domestic
partners from adopting children or becoming foster parents. The act
would prohibit the state from allowing any minor to be adopted or
placed in foster care if the individual seeking to take in the
child is ‘cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage
which is valid under the Constitution and laws of this state.’ It
would still allow a single person – gay or straight – who doesn’t
live with a domestic partner to adopt or become a foster

Supporters of gay and lesbian parenting include Arkansas Advocates for Children and
, the Interfaith Council, the Arkansas Association of Social
, the American Academy of Pediatricians and the Arkansas Psychological

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