Spring Break on the Mexican Riviera

I never did one of those spring break vacations marketed to college
students. It was never my idea of fun to spend a week in a resort
town with hundreds of twenty-somethings looking to create their own
Animal House-like memories.

But I got a chance to do a different kind of spring break trip last
week when I was given the distinct privilege of staffing the R
Family Vacations Cruise last week. Needless to say, it much
different than a typical college trip to Cancun. This
Spring Break was a rewarding learning experience with (literally) a
boatload of interesting and friendly families.

The Family Equality Council has partnered with R Family Vacations
since its inception in 2003. We provide the educational programming
on the boat, recruiting presenters and coordinating the workshops
and panels throughout the week. We covered everything from event
planning and adoption to how to strengthen your relationship and
the importance of being visible.

One of my favorite programs to coordinate was the Youth Panel,
which has become something of an institution on the R Family
Cruises. We do a call (via email and R Family message boards) for
cruisers between the ages of 11 and 19 to share their individual
family’s story with us. We want panelists who represent various
ages, geographic areas and family constellations, and we were lucky
to have had an especially diverse, articulate and impressive group
this year.

To the panelists: You’re all very intelligent and well-spoken
young adults. You provided the audience with some insight into what
your worlds as children of LGBTQ parents are like in very poignant
and unique ways. Thank you Lori, Brennan, Abby, Kendal, Wesli,
Malina, Tanner, Addie, Quinn, Ruby and Cameron for making my spring
break special.