[52 Ways] Show an inclusive video at your child’s school

This week in 52
we’re asking that you engage your child’s school around
issues of inclusion and diversity — specifically by offering a
video or two that can be used to illustrate ideas.

Offering a video can be a great way to engage hesitant teachers and
school officials. There’s something reassuring about a tape or DVD
because officials can review it ahead of time and you can discuss
the various issues raised before ever showing it to the students,
parents or others in the community.

More and more schools use videos as part of their curricula,
especially around these issues. And there’s some great ones out
there. I recommend checking out the titles produced by GroundSpark, the group that
brought us It’s Elementary and, more recently, It’s STILL

And if the school’s unwilling to show a family diversity and
inclusion video to the students, ask first that they show it to the
faculty and/or parents at the PTA. Make inroads where you can. Show
your school community that respecting all families is easier than
they think, so long as they’re willing to learn, look and

That should be easy enough, since that’s what they ask their
students to do each and every day!

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