The adoption discussion in Florida continues. Democratic Senator Nan Rich is our vocal advocate.

State Senator Nan Rich
has introduced a new bill that would
allow judges to consider the child’s best interest when placing
her/him in a permanent home. Representative Mary Brandenburg is

sponsoring the bill in the House

Supporters of the bill gathered in the Capitol this week – as part
Fair Adoption Lobby Day

More than 3,000 children are in Florida’s foster care system –
awaiting permanent homes. The Florida
Office of Analysis and Accountability
says children left in
foster care grow up more dependent upon public assistance.

With new legislation, lesbian and gay foster parents would be
allowed to adopt children if a judge rules it’s in the child’s best

According to
, Rich’s legislation has received support from a number
of groups including the National Council of Jewish Women, ACLU, and
Planned Parenthood.

The proposal has been assigned to a committee headed by homophobic
state Senator
Ronda Storms
– who has refused to bring it up for debate or a
vote. reports that Storms ran for office on a pledge to
prevent gays from being foster parents.

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