LGBTQ Families & Taxes

I understand the value and importance of taxes. Nonetheless, taxes
seem like a real slap in the face to me and all other LGBTQ
individuals. As I file my forms, I can’t help but be irritated by
the fact that I’m supporting a country that doesn’t support me. It
only seems fair that I be granted the same rights as everyone else.
If I’m denied the rights conferred by 1,138 federal provisions and
laws when it comes to marriage, then I should pay proportionally
less taxes. If it’s half the rights, I think I should pay half the

But I don’t pay less. So I want my rights.

Even LGBTQ couples in Massachusetts who are married must file their
federal forms as “single” thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act.
It’s salt in the wounds.

Filing taxes is particularly difficult and complicated for our
families. Thankfully, Queercents is up to the task. Check out their tax
– it’s a great resource for LGBTQ individuals.