Family Drawing Contest with a presidential twist!

The 2nd Annual Family Drawing Contest
is in full swing and our judges are busy combing through the
submissions arriving in our Boston office.

As we are gearing up for the final stretch of submissions (entries
are due April 4!), we have an exciting announcement to share with
you! Not only will all the entries be included in a free,
downloadable picture book, but Family Equality Council is going to
print out and distribute a copy of this book to each presidential

The Family Drawing Contest is a great opportunity to talk about
your family with your children. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to
have them participate in a contest that celebrates all types of
families. And now, it’s a great way for children to participate in
the presidential election.

We know that attaching names, faces and stories with our families
debunks myths and stereotypes. As we continue to change hearts and
minds across this great country, why not start at the top?

The Family Drawing Contest deadline is April 4. Click
here for
details or to apply.