[52 Ways]Install Trans-Friendly Bathrooms!

This coming week’s (slated for March 23-29th) “way to be
is to encourage that your school or workplace install
trans-friendly bathrooms.

On March 13-15th, I attended the True Colors Conference—“A
Global Perspective on Sexual and Gender Minority Youth” at the
University of Connecticut. I was inspired and enlightened by the
over 2,000 LGBTQ youth that were at the conference—these kids
aren’t messing around and are wholeheartedly committed to making
this world a better place. I went to a great workshop on how to
appropriately support gender variant children from the time they
are toddlers. A father did a presentation on his gender variant
son. From the age of 2, his son only wanted to play with Barbies
and only wanted to wear dresses. As he grew older, he delved into
his mother’s makeup and started asking to wear dresses to school.
At the time, his school did not have a trans-friendly bathroom.
Using binary gender bathrooms as a gender variant youth is
stressful; it forced this boy to wait until he got home to use the
bathroom. It breaks my heart to think of the discomfort he was
forced to feel because his school didn’t have a gender neutral
bathroom. Every parent wants their child to feel safe and happy at
school—and this includes the time that they need a restroom. I
urge you to speak with your principals and bosses about installing
a gender neutral bathroom TODAY!

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