Kenneth Cole ad campaign features lesbian moms

In an ad campaign with the title “We all walk in different shoes”,
designer Kenneth Cole is turning heads by featuring two lesbian
moms and their daughter.

The Kenneth Cole website features
the ad, a video and a bio:

Nicoletta met Joanna in May, 1997. They celebrated
their partnership on Valentine’s Day, 2004 with a commitment
ceremony in Miami. In 2006, they received a civil union in Vermont
and a domestic partnership in New York.

They decided they wanted a child and researched their options
extensively. In the end they settled on an open donor from a sperm
bank. An open donor is somebody who allows the child to contact
them when the child is eighteen, if the child wants to. Joanna
successfully received intrauterine insemination and gave birth to
their daughter, Ruth, in May 2006.

Nicoletta is a licensed Psychologist. She has a private practice in
Miami and also works at Jackson Memorial Hospital specializing in
PTSD, trauma, relationship difficulties, poor self-esteem, and

Joanna is a real estate broker in Miami.

Ruthie is a professional lollipop licker and claps a lot when she

We applaud Kenneth Cole for making our families visible. We know
that when mainstream America sees our families and hears our
stories, we change hearts and minds – and laws.

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more about the campaign.