Email to Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern

Representative Kern:

How sad in this day and age that an elected official would utter
such hateful and misguided comments as you have! My father fled
Nazi Germany in 1935 as a Jew because of people like you. He then
went on to serve during WWII as a tail gunner on a B-17 in the U.S.
Army Air Corps. His plane was shot down and he spent a year in a
German POW camp. Dad is no longer alive but I believe that one of
the reasons that he fought was so that his son wouldn’t have to
face the same discrimination and hatred that he did!

The next time I read in the news of another gay bashing or
murder I will know that it is due, in part, to the hate speech that
spews forth from your mouth and others like you. More and more
science is pointing towards sexual orientation not being a choice;
however, religious preference most certainly is. If your religion
is one that is based upon hate, perhaps you might examine your own
beliefs and seek a cure for your own hate.

I am saddened that you harbor so much hate in your heart. Now I
am reading that you most likely disowned your own son Jesse because
he is gay. Not only are you a bigoted politician but you have been
a complete failure as a mother. There is nothing in the world that
would ever result in my disowning my son. My heart goes out to
Jesse. He deserves so much better in a mother than he has received
from you.

Fortunately many good people in Oklahoma and around the country
are reacting to your hateful words in much the same way that I
have. The next time you look in the mirror I hope you are able to
see the same hateful person that we do. Shame on you! Get some
counseling. The next time you speak to Jesse (if you ever do),
please relay my sympathy to him for having been stuck with such a
lousy mother!

John R. Selig

Dallas, Texas