Ohio Republicans have difference of opinion regarding lesbian and gay parenting.

Acccording to USA Today,
Ohio Republicans disagree about lesbian and gay adoption.

A right-wing bill introduced in the Ohio Legislature would bar all
adoptions – and foster care – by gays and lesbians. Ohio could be
among 16 states to create law limiting children to specific
traditional family structures (a mother and a father or by
heterosexual singles).

Not all Republicans are convinced it’s a good idea. Ohio House
Speaker Jon Husted (R) says, “This is not an issue about gays, this
is about children”. Husted was adopted as a child. Although he
favored legislation to ban same-sex marriage in Ohio, he opposes
the adoption bill and has no plans to schedule a hearing to discuss

A recent poll shows that citizens in at least two states do not
favor discrimination against lesbian and gay people who want to
adopt. When asked about a constitutional amendment to ban adoptions
by gays and lesbians, 58% of Missouri voters and 62% of Ohio voters
said they would vote against it.

There are about 520,000 children in foster care, according to the
North American Council on Adoptable
. Of those, 120,000 may be adopted – but only 50,000
will find permanent homes each year.

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