faith and our families: one family’s struggle

An interesting article
appeared over the weekend in Out & About
. It’s about two
dads raising twins in a conservative southern town, and their
struggle with faith.

Indeed, the intersection of faith with our families is charged and
complex. Ben Papa, who is a lawyer getting studying to get a
Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt University’s Divinity School,

“Even as a child, it was so clear I was gay and had
not chosen to be so. Every night, for years, I would pray it would
go away. And every morning when I woke up, I was still

It’s a sentiment to which many of us can relate. The article

While Brad wrestled with reconciling his faith and his
sexuality, he never left the church. “I knew God was not
rejecting me. The people who wore the cloak of God were, but not
all of them. I knew I needed to find ways to connect with those who
were interested in me regardless. I knew I was gay and I was
positive I hadn’t chosen it. For decades, I had earnestly asked
God to take it from me. If there is such a thing as a loving God,
then this is a cruel joke. So God is either cruel, or He is loving.
I chose to believe He got it right to begin with.

Eventually, the family found and joined the Second Presbyterian
Church of Nashville. It’s an affirming church that has welcomed
them with open arms. In fact, their children were baptized on
Easter Morning – a gesture which speaks volumes.

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