Dreaming of Heaven

So, this weekend I had a lot of dreams for some reason. One sticks
out in particular.

I was dreaming that I was sitting with a group of friends from my
college days at BYU. These were all Mormons. We were sitting at a
round table.

They were arguing with me why I shouldn’t be able to be married to

I said “But we’ve been together for decades and love each other and
are committed to each other” (ok, it was a dream… we’ve “only”
been together for 12 years 🙂

“It’s still wrong” they said.

“But we have children who we love and have raised with love and
devotion and who are happy, well-adjusted, good, charitable, kind

“It’s still wrong”

“But we go to church and try diligently to live the golden rule and
to be kind and charitable to all, and to love even our enemies”

“It’s still wrong”

“But we’ve done a lot of good in our community”

“It’s still wrong”

“But I’ve felt closer to God than I have ever felt before, I am
happier than I’ve ever been and I am closer to God and happier
every year”

Then my closest friend from college chimes in…

“Sorry Trey, all of this STILL won’t get you to heaven”

I pause and then say…

“But I’ve already made it to heaven”

In my dream that was a lot more powerful. You had to be there in
the dream I guess :). I must have dreamt this because some
real-life arguments for marriage and our family
and relationship will be taking place tomorrow.

Four years ago, Guy and I
got married (later rescinded by the courts) in the San Francisco
that led to the court case to end marriage inequality
in this state…

the court case that will be heard in front of the State Supreme
Court tomorrow and decided on in the next three months.

There are three hours of oral arguments. You can watch these live,
it could be historic (let’s hope anyway)…

This is from the NCLR mailing:

Watch history in the making!

On March 4, 2008 at 9:00 a.m., the California Supreme Court will
hear oral arguments in In re Marriage Cases, which challenges the
constitutionality of state laws that discriminate against same-sex
couples in marriage. NCLR Legal Director Shannon Minter will appear
before the court in this historic case.

Watch the arguments online (for those of you not in the
state or just like watching online 🙂

California Channel Live Webcast
click here to watch
the arguments online

Watch the arguments on TV in California:

California Channel Live TV Broadcast
click here for
your local channel listing

Watch the arguments on TV in the Bay Area:

San Francisco Government Television (SFGTV) Channel 26
here for programming information

Watch oral arguments at the California Supreme

Due to the large number of parties in these cases, seating in the
courtroom is already reserved. However, public viewing of the oral
arguments will be available on closed circuit television in an
overflow viewing auditorium in the Milton Marks Conference

Hiram Johnson State Office Building, Lower Level
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California

Watch oral arguments at UC Hastings College of

University of California
Hastings College of Law
is offering a live TV feed of the oral
arguments, and is open to the general public. Panel discussion
follows featuring Professors Hillman, Massey, and Weithorn.

UC Hastings
198 McAllister Street
Louis B. Mayer Auditorium
San Francisco, California

Watch oral arguments at the San Francisco LGBT

The Center and Vince &
Pete’s Three Dollar Bill Café invite the community to watch the
oral arguments on March 4.

Three Dollar Bill Café, in the San Francisco LGBT Center
1800 Market Street (at Octavia)
San Francisco, California