refuting lies and misinformation with real facts about our families

The radical right always refers to the thirty years of social
science research about LGBTQ families when refuting our ability to
parent. There are, in fact, some thirty years of social science
research—but interestingly enough, it is unanimously in favor of
LGBTQ parenting.

Over the weekend, I found
an article
written by Kevin Moss of Times Argus. Here’s an

In the Feb. 10 edition of the Sunday Rutland Herald and
Times Argus, Stephen Cable claims he and his “internationally
recognized experts” base their arguments against same-sex marriage
on a “wealth of social science research.” I’ve listened to the
“experts'” talks and read their Powerpoints and perused Cable’s
Vermont Marriage Advisory Council Web site. Neither the experts nor
the research ever compares same-sex marriage to heterosexual
marriage. Instead, they show the benefits to children of being
raised by two legally married parents. It looks to me like all that
research actually supports gay and lesbian couples who want to
marry so their children will have greater security.

The Vermont Marriage Advisory Council repeats the lie that there
are no reliable studies of same-sex parenting. The American
Psychological Association, which cites some dozen peer-reviewed
studies, concludes its 2004 review as follows: “Results of social
science research have failed to confirm any of these concerns about
children of lesbian and gay parents. Overall, results of research
suggest that the development, adjustment, and well-being of
children with lesbian and gay parents do not differ markedly from
that of children with heterosexual parents.” (Sexual Orientation,
Parents, and Children

Recognizing the need for truth, the Family Equality Council
launched our Research
in 2007 and we’ve been adding articles and abstracts
ever since. It’s important that we can refute lies and
misinformation with real facts about our families.