The Family Equality Wiki: a great resource for you and your family!

Last January, when we started soliciting feedback for our new
website, people stated that they wanted robust listings of adoption
agencies, doctors, schools, places of worship, etc. that celebrate
LGBTQ families.

Knowing that our ten staff members couldn’t possibly maintain
extensive listings in addition to our other work, we brainstormed
creative solutions. Our good friend Dana Rudolph at was one of the first to
recommend creating a LGBTQ family wiki, and thus, The Family
Equality Wiki was born.

The Family Equality Wiki is just like any other website – except
that each page has an edit button. Registered users are able to
login and add, delete or edit any information. These listings are
maintained by the collaborative efforts of people like you from all
across the country.

In the wiki, you will discover listings of:

  • 6000+ LGBTQ Family Friendly Places of Worship*
  • LGBTQ Family Friendly Schools*
  • More than 50 LGBTQ Friendly Adoption Agencies*
  • LGBTQ Family Friendly Towns and Vacation Spots*
  • LGBTQ Family Laws by State*
  • LGBTQ Family Friendly Doctors, Therapists, etc.*

*Note: You will be required to create a login in name to view
these pages

To access the Family Equality Wiki visit

We hope that you share in our excitement and that you and your
family find this resource helpful. As always, if you have any
comments, feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us!