Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert interviews HRC’s Joe Solomonese

For some good Saturday entertainment, click over to the PageOneQ and
watch Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert satirically interview the
president of the Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solomonese.

Among the gems:

“I thought you worked for homosexual rights,” Colbert says, on
learning that “HRC” indeed stands for “Human Rights Campaign,” as
opposed to “Homosexual Rights Campaign.”

“Are you saying that only homosexuals are humans and that straight
people aren’t humans? That’s what you’re implying with that

“No,” rebuts Solomonese, “we’re implying that gay rights are human

“Well, I’m straight,” counters Colbert. “I can make other humans.
Doesn’t that give me a leg up?”

“I can make other humans too,” Solomonese responds.

“But you choose not to — so you’ve chosen not to be
human,” Colbert fires back.

“No,” corrects Solomonese, “I’ve chosen not to make other

“So, if I use birth control,” probes Colbert, “you’re saying that
makes me gay?”

Check it out by clicking here.