Freedom to Marry week right around the corner!

It’s that time again! Freedom to Marry week is February 10-16.

According to
Freedom to Marry

Every year, right around Pres. Lincoln’s Birthday and
Valentine’s Day, gay and non-gay people around the country gather
in living rooms, rectories, parks and civic halls to celebrate our
lives, our loves, our families and the victories of our movement
from the year before. Freedom to Marry Day,
Tuesday, February 12th, is a day to celebrate and share our
stories, reflect on the values of equality and love, while also
engaging our neighbors in the movement for equality and

Big or small, there are tons of ways for you and your family to get
involved in the week. Check out the
Freedom to Marry website
for more details, and stay tuned for a
special guest blog by the fine folks at Freedom to Marry on the
Family Equality Council website.