how does health care impact your family?

Pride at Work is asking
families to participate in their health care survey. They

Poll after poll show working families view health care
as one of the most important issues facing our country today.

But we know these polls only tell part of the story. We want to
know more – more about how the health care system affects you and
your family

Take our Healthcare Survey.

Do you have health care coverage for yourself, for your partner?
Does your employer offer domestic partner benefits? Are you left
out of many healthcare plans because of transgender exclusions?

We need to hear your stories. We are at a moment where we could
make healthcare for all a reality in America. But your stories are
key to making that happen.

Our 2008 Health Care for America Survey gives you the chance to
make your voice heard and ensure that leaders and candidates at
every level understand what working families are

to take the survey. Thanks for participating!