Today is the day!

We at the Family Equality Council are pumped to announce that today
is the beginning of “Dive Into Diversity Days: National Diversity
Book Month for Children”—a full month dedicated to sharing
LGBTQ-family friend books and increasing the visibility of our
families. This month is all about sharing the reality of our
families’ lives through books and reading. It is important that
our children have access to books that mirror their families and
books that challenge and broaden their conceptions of what a
“family” includes.

Resources to complete the action include:

* A virtual storytelling of Molly’s Family by Nancy Garden
* A comprehensive list of LGBTQ family-friendly books
* An e-book version of Rhinos and Raspberries – Tolerance Tales
for the Early Grades
* Recipe for treats to drink while you read diverse family-themed
books with your children

Thanks so much for all your hard work in the family equality
movement. We hope you and the people you know will enjoy these
resources and complete this action, sharing the reality of our
families’ lives. Click here to
see the National Diversity Book Month page!