research released on same-sex couples, children

This week, the William Institute at the UCLA School of Law released
a new research study regarding the estimated 50,000 same-sex
couples living in the Lone Star State. Of the 50,000 couples, 20%
are raising some 17,444 children.

Interestingly, the study demonstrated that same-sex couples raising
children had “fewer economic resources and own homes at a
significantly lower rate than heterosexual, married parents.”
Reading between the lines, I suspect this financial discrepancy
could be accounted for by the economic benefits of legal marriage
and the effects of workplace discrimination.

Here are a few key findings:

  • While 50% of same-sex couples with children own their home, a
    significantly larger percentage of married parents (73%) own their
  • There are an estimated 579,968 gay, lesbian, and bisexual
    people (single and coupled) currently living in Texas.
  • In 2000, there were 42,912 same-sex couples living in Texas. By
    2005, the number of same-sex couples increased to 49,423.
  • Despite the military’s historic policies of excluding gay men
    and lesbians from service, individuals in same-sex couples have
    served in the military: 10% of individuals in same-sex couples are
    veterans, compared to 15% of married individuals.

So, though some 10,000 same-sex couples are raising children in
Texas, I’d love to see some research on single LGBTQ parents
raising children.

If you’d like to check out the study for yourself, click