Family Equality Council reacts to Arkansas ballot initiative

The Family Equality Council just released this statement:

The Family Council Action Committee has launched a
campaign to unduly restrict the number of foster and adoptive
parents available to Arkansas’s children in need. The ballot
initiative, if approved, would limit prospective foster and
adoptive parents to married, heterosexual couples, which comprise
only 50% of all households in the state. Arkansas Families First, a
statewide coalition of family and child welfare advocates,
religious and community leaders has formed to combat this
initiative, standing up against political opportunists for what’s
in the best interest of children.

The following quote can be attributed to Jennifer Chrisler,
Executive Director of the Family Equality Council:

“The Family Equality Council stands in unison with Arkansas
Families First as they fight for the well-being of all children in
their state. Extremist groups like the Family Council Action
Committee are attempting to limit the number of prospective parents
for children in need simply in order to push their narrow agendas
and impose their values on all families. Child welfare
professionals know what’s best for children, not zealots, and child
welfare professionals strongly oppose this ban. The Family Equality
Council will support all those who oppose this mean-spirited and
discriminatory ban and work to ensure that our fair-minded friends
in Arkansas understand the impact this legislation could have on
the children of Arkansas.”

Family Equality Council is proud to be the national non-profit
organization dedicated to securing family equality. We recognize
and believe that the laws, provisions and ordinances that hurt
LGBTQ-headed families also hurt so many others-single parents,
blended families, families of color, etc. To that end, Family
Equality Council is standing strong to defeat anti-family
legislation and promote pro-family legislation.