Let California Ring

California could very well be the next state to allow full marriage
equality. Of course my state already has a domestic partnership law
that offers full state rights of marriage, and the state
legislature has TWICE passed a bill to institute full marriage
equality (which the governator has, of course, vetoed TWICE). The
San Francisco marriages (that we were so
privileged to be part of
) helped start a court case that is now
before the state supreme court. You can help…

California Equality has started a campaign to get the Governor to
hear our voices: Let
California Ring
. Visit the site, sign the letter to the
Governor urging him to “tell the court that the current law is
unconstitutional and that all loving couples deserve the freedom to
marry.” And a lot more action items.

Of course the previously failed attempt (couldn’t get the
signatures) to get an amendment on the California state
constitution banning marriage equality has been revived (don’t want
to link to them, they don’t need the links and googlerank… but
their URL has some erroneous notion that they are trying to
‘protect’ ‘marriage’ and that they are a COMmercial entity not an
ORGanization ;).

So, lets make California number two.