Subprime Mortgage Crisis Meets LGBTQ Families?

I’ve been doing some poking around online about the subprime
mortgage crisis, specificially looking to see if there are reports
of it affecting LGBTQ couples/families in any particular ways.

I’m no housing expert, so I’m not sure how the defaults and
foreclosures might have unique impacts on our community. (In fact,
I’m still one of the poor saps who pays rent.)

I do know that LGBTQ couples can be discriminated against when it
comes to sharing existing mortgages and renting/buying homes
together. This post on
reminds us of that. And you can read more about
predatory lending and LGBTQ people here.

But I’m wondering if any LGBTQ couples out there can speak to the
subprime crisis and how it might uniquely affect their families.
Are people finding it more difficult to seek out mortgage relief
because they’re part of an LGBTQ couple? Or, on the other hand, are
mortgages in trust better protected than mortgages shared by legal

If you have something to say about this, please leave a comment.
Educate me and the community at large. Thanks!