going green and saving green(backs): tips for parents

Queercents is one of my
favorite LGBTQ blogs; I’m queer, cheap and appreciative of their
creative and informative posts. Really, it’s a match made in

So, when I saw their Pink
& Green Parenting Series
, I was, well… tickled pink.
And I knew that I had to share it with you.

The posts are authored by Dr. Jennifer Fink, a Queercents
contributor and gay mom living in the Washington, DC area, and
include such topics as “How to save money while going organic”,
“Saving money and the planet”, “How to really reduce the expense
and environmental impact of parenting” and more.

Jennifer states: “In this series, I suggest a variety of ways
readers might change traditional parenting habits and move toward
more eco-friendly and socially conscious practices – while saving
money!” Going green AND saving some green(backs)? It doesn’t get
better than that!

Jennifer makes such recommendations as clothing swaps, co-op
preschools, planting a vegetable garden among others.

Stay tuned to the Queercents
– each Tuesday we’ll be treated to a new post in this
delightful series.