Jesus is GAY?

Who wants to see a play that features Jesus as a gay man? This kid
right here. Who wants to see a play where Jesus is not only seduced
by Judas but who also conducts gay marriages between apostles? That
right there is a recipe for success if you ask me. This plot line
is so in-your-face and addresses and confronts the idea that so
many hold onto—this being the concept that Jesus is the reason
it’s okay to reject and disrespect being gay. Heaven help us if
there was a play that actually debunked this! WOAH! This gem of a
play, named Corpus Christi, is going to open in Sydney in one month
in celebration of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Australian church
leaders are unimpressed, to say the least.

Robert Forsyth, an Anglican bishop of South Sydney, said, “It is
deliberately, not innocently, offensive and they’re obviously
having a laugh about it.” Oh my, not laughing! Gee whiz it would
be such a sin to poke fun at the rigidity and stiff inflexibility
of the bible. Leigh Rowney, the director of the play, recognizes
that this play will offend some but thinks it’s important to
raise debates about Christianity and to keep conversations open. I
think it’s brilliant and it’s the only way we’re going to
start changing minds and opening hearts—we have to keep pushing
the seal of comfort until people are ready to see beyond their
heteronormative bubbles.

The playwright, Terrence McNally, received death threats when this
work was performed in the United States. Unfortunately unsurprising
isn’t it? If I was in Australia right now I would high five
Terrence until the cows came home….what a creative way to
challenge stereotypes. If you’re feeling jazzy, why not start up
something like this play in the United States? I for one, will
support you, and will be in the front row clapping. Will you?